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"Our policy is not predicated on Castro surrendering power. What our policy's predicated on is the democratic transition...it's not personal [against Castro]. "

Kevin Whitaker
Coordinator of Cuban Affairs
United States State Department

"The majority of Cubans like Fidel. If they didn't, I assure you, he would not be in power."

Oremy Rodriguez Alonso
Specialist/United States
Instituto Cubano de Amistad con los Pueblos


"The Helms-Burton Act states specifically that a 'transition government' does not include Fidel or Raul Castro."

Wayne Smith
Senior Fellow
Center for International Policy

"In Miami and Washington they are now discussing where, how and when Cuba will be attacked or the problem of the Revolution will be solved."

Fidel Castro
Republic of Cuba

"Saudi Arabia is not a democracy, but I don't see the American government concerned with bringing elections to the Saudi Arabian people..."

Interpreter for Global Exchange Reality Tours

"The US administration acts as a fascist government in their foreign policy. If they acted that way to their own people, it wouldn't be tollerated. "

Pedro Ross Leal
Secretary General
Central de Trabajadores de Cuba

"The US government is so intent on 'regime change' in Cuba because Cuba represents an alternative to the US concept of democracy and capitalism."

William Blum
Author, Killing Hope: U.S. Military and CIA Interventions Since WWII

"The Cuban people like North American products and the people...but they don't like the politics."

Lazaro Valdivio
Havana Taxi Driver

"Before James Cason's recent actions, the Cuban government had shown a growing tolerance of dissent"

James P. McGovern
Congressman (D), 3rd District, Massachusetts
United States House of Representatives