On March 22, 2004, I received a message from a gentleman named Frank Rivas. He was very quick to point out that my Web site appears to be biased in favor of the Castro Regime. Although my goal with this site is not to promote Castro's position, but rather to question the validity of current US policy, he has a point. From my perspective, there is no shortage of reporting in the US media that is critical of the Castro regime. CNN's Lucia Newman, CNBC's Chris Matthews, Fox's Bill O'Riley... I don't think these or many other mainstream media personalities could be accused of being "soft on Castro." This site simply presents the other side of the story and questions current US foreign policy. Visitors can decide for themselves. To read Frank's and my exchange, simply follow this link.

On March 26, 2004, someone forwarded a Washington Post article with one simple line: "I hope you can read this!"

Well, I did. And you can, too. Follow this link to read the Post article and my reply

On April 26th, 2005, Debbie and I met with our Republican congressman Randy Kuhl, to discuss his position on the trade embargo and travel ban against Cuba. He was gracious and generous with his time, and after hearing our position, told us that he was more receptive to relaxing trade with Cuba because he saw direct benefit for his constituents. As for the travel ban, he was not convinced that money from US tourists would not help to sustain the socialist regime that he finds unacceptable. Congressman Kuhl said he hadn't yet made up his mind, accepted a copy of Strait Talk and assured us that he would give it some thought.